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Jamón Serrano 7€ (M,G)

Gran Reserva, from Castilla de Leon, cured for 24 months

Iberico chorizo de bellota 7€ (G)

From Segovia, Spain, matured for 3months

Pata Negra 11€ (M,G)

Iberian ham, from Salamanca, Spain, cured for 24 months

Sopressata 6€

From Calabria, Italy matured for 1 month


Manchego 6€ (L)

Unpasteurized sheeps milk cheese from La Mancha Matured for 18 months

Mahon 7€

Artisan cheese from the island of Menorca,
pasteurized. Aged at least 5 months

Gorgonzola 6€

Italian blue cheese from full fat cow’s milk

Tapas de Verduras

Olivos 4€ (M,V,G)

Almendras de Marcona 4€ (M,V,G)

Roasted almonds

Pan de la casa con hummus de pimiento 5€ (M,V)

Bread and sweet pepper hummus

Patatas bravas 6€ (M,G)

Deep fried potatoes with salsa brava and aioli

Pimientos de padrón 6€ (M,G)

Roasted green peppers, aioli with lemon and salt flakes

Arancini 7€ (L)

Deep fried cheddar & herb arancinis and aioli

Halloumi 6€ (L,G)

Deep fried halloumi and pear compote

Burrata (G) 10€

Chili & tomato compote, smoked almonds, olive oil and basil

Alcachofa de Jerusalén 7€ (L,G)

Deep fried Jerusalem artichoke, Mojo Rojo-sauce and feta cheese

Tapas de Carne

Tartar de res 9€

Local beef, pickled shallot, chorizo, mayonnaise with grain mustard,
manchego cheese and roasted focaccia

Mini hamburguesa 8€ (L)

Dry aged beef burger, cheddar cheese, chili-tomato jam,
pickled shallots and aioli

Pan de pita con cerdo 8€ (L)

Iberico pork, orange-soy glaze and chili mayonnaise

Tapas de Pescado

Pastel de cangrejo 8€ (L)

Deep fried crab cake, fennel salad and lemon dip

Ceviche de pescado blanco 8€ (L,G)

White fish ceviche, tomato, chili, red onion, lime and cilantro

Gambas Pil Pil 8€ (L)

Grilled scampis marinated with chili and garlic, served with focaccia

Tapas menu

3 tapas 19 € / 5 tapas 33 €

Selection chosen by Chef

Plancha de tapas 16€/27€

Selection of cheeses and cold cuts, pear compote, marinated olives, roasted Marcona
almonds and roasted foccaccia

Pan de ajo 10€

Garlic bread, bufala mozzarella, butter with garlic and herbs and parsley


All the meats are served with sherry sauce, roasted potatoes, caramelized onion and roasted green peppers

Iberico pork

We get our Iberico pork from Pais de Quercus from Extremadura, Spain, close to the border of Portugal. The pigs live in total freedom feeding on acorns. Because of this and the climate in the region, it gives the meat it´s tender and great marbling.

Iberico pork is best served as medium.

Trevi Burger 20€ (L)

Dry aged beef burger, cheddar cheese, chili-tomato jam, pickled
shallots, salad, aioli and deep fried potatoes

Halloumiburger 20€ (L)

Deep fried halloumi, chili-tomato jam, pickled shallots, salad, aioli and
deep fried potatoes

Pescado 28€ (L,G)

Creamy savoy cabbage, deep fried potatoes, pickled vegetables and antiboise-

Pluma 28€ (G)

Grilled Iberico-pork pluma, parsnip puree, chorizo and
beluga lentils, onion broth

Entrecôte 32€ (L,G)

Dry aged beef entrecôte steak, deep fried potatoes with manchego cheese, seasoned butter,
haricot verts and cherry tomatoes

Risotto 19€ (G)

Bufala mozzarella, pine nuts, green pesto and marinated avocado

Pasta 19€ (L)

Tomato sauce, braised lamb, chorizo, feta and rosemary oil


Margherita 14€

Tomato sauce, bufala mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and basil

Chorizo 17€

Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, chorizo, piquillo peppers, pickled shallots and

Jamón Serrano 17€

Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, serrano ham, pear, balsamic syrup and rocket
Cordero 17€
Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, braised lamb, feta cheese, rosemary oil and basil

Langostino 16€

Crème fraiche with lemon, mozzarella cheese, scampis marinated with chili and garlic,
parmesan and parsley

Quattro formaggi 16€

Crème fraiche with lemon, bufala mozzarella, blue cheese, manchego,
parmesan, black pepper and parsley

Pesto 16€

Green pesto, mozzarella cheese, pear, parmesan, smoked almonds and spinach


Churros 10€ (LL)

Deep fried Spanish doughnuts and brown butter ice cream

Tarta de naranja roja 10€

Marinated blood orange and almond croquant with chocolate

Helado/SORBETE 4€

Ice cream/sorbet

Origin of meats:
Beef = Finland
Pork = Spain/Italy
Burgersteak = Finland

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