Spend your lunch break more relaxed, here in the heart of Turku.

Because I’m happy

Lunch is served weekdays from 11 am to 3 pm.

Lunch includes a warm dish served to the table, water, coffee or tea and a small sweet.

Focaccia is served with lunch salad.

Pizza of the week 12,50€

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Margherita pizza

Tomato sauce, bufalamozzarella and basil

This week's burger

Double cheese burger 13,50 €

Dry aged beef burger, Monterey jack cheese, cheddar cheese, mustard mayonnaise, ketchup, pickles and deep fried potatoes

(available vegetarian with halloumi and gluten free)

Monday 1.3

Goat cheese & butternut squash salad 10,90 € VL

Roasted butternut squash, marinated red onion, crispy nuts, cucumber, lemon vinaigrette and focaccia

Fish and chips 11,50 € L

Cod, peas, remoulade sauce, french fries, lemon and green salad

Lamb pasta 11,50 € L

Braised lamb, tomato sauce, parmesan, oven tomatoes and rocket

Tuesday 2.3

Pink grapefruit & halloumi salad 10,90 € L

Fried halloumi, roasted almonds, mint, fennel, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, honey&lemon vinaigrette and focaccia

Pork minute steak 11,50 € L,G

Wedge potatoes, seasoned butter and green salad

Lasagne 11,50 € L

Parmesan, rocket and olive oil

Wednesday 3.3

Serrano ham & avocado salad 10,90 € L

Marinated avocado, grapes, pine nuts, red onion, rocket and parmesan

Grilled salmon 12,50 € L,G

Warm potato salad, egg, red onion, radish, peas, hollandaise and dill

Feta & nut pesto pasta 11,50 € L

Spinach, oven tomatoes and basil

Thursday 4.3

Chicken country style salad 10,90 € L

Grilled chicken, deep fried potatoes, cucumber, egg, red onion, haricot verts, bacon, mustard sauce and focaccia

Pulled pork pita 11,50 € L

Spicy braised pork, red cabbage cole slaw, apple, red onion, chili mayonnaise and green salad

Beetroot risotto with goat cheese 11,50 € VL,G

Roasted honey&chili nuts, rocket and olive oil

Friday 5.3

Feta & pesto salad 10,90 € L

Quinoa, marinated red onion, yoghurt sauce with pesto, olives, cherry tomatoes and focaccia

Grill steak 14,50 € L,G

Beef sirloin steak, cream potatoes, grilled vegetables and pepper sauce

Blood orange & prawn risotto 11,50 € L,G

Prawns marinated with chili, parmesan and basil

Etkö löytänyt sopivaa lounasta?

Tutustu sisarravintoloidemme lounaisiin osoitteessa

Origin of meats:

Chicken: Finland, Burger: Finland, Beef: Finland, Serrano ham: Spain, Lamb: New Zealand, Pork: Finland