Spend your lunch break more relaxed, here in the heart of Turku.

Because I’m happy

We serve lunch on weekdays between 11-15

The daily lunch includes the rich salad table, warm food and dessert and also water and coffee.

Burger of the week 12,50€

Brioche bun from our own bakery with Hereford bef patty, salad, tomato salsa, manchego cheese, french fries and red pepper mayonnaise

Salad of the week 10,70€

Country style salad with roasted bacon, marinated potatoes, green beans and pickled red onion L,G

Monday 16.3.

Wiener schnitzel with potato mash, anjovis butter and lemon 10,70€ L

Beetroot risotto with roasted nuts and feta cheese 10,70€ L,G

Tuesday 17.3.

Salmon pasta with spinach and parmesan cheese 10,70€ L

Halloumi burger with coleslaw, tomato, french fries and aioli 10,70€ L

Wednesday 18.3.

Smoked salmon croquette with warm potato salad and remoulade sauce 10,70€ L

Basil and lemon risotto, bufala mozzarella and olive oil 10,70€ G

Thursday 19.3.

Fried chicken with roasted sweet potato wedges and curry and mango mayonnaise 10,70€ L

Pesto pasta with cherry tomatoes, basil and parmesan cheese 10,70€ L

Friday 20.3.

Lamb meatballs with potato mash, lingonberry and dark rosemary sauce 10,70€ L

Deep fried tofu with warm herb and bulgur salad and muhammara sauce 10,70€ L

We'll be right back!

Ikävä ilmoittaa, mutta suljemme di Trevin ovet toistaiseksi vallitsevan tilanteen vuoksi.

Seuraamme tilannetta aktiivisesti, ja infoamme teitä ihania asiakkaitamme kun olemme viisaampia minkään suhteen.

Mutta toistaiseksi siis suljemme ovemme huhtikuun puoleen väliin saakka.

Edelleen, pitäkää huolta itsestänne ja toisistanne, niin mekin teemme ❤️

Ps. Lahjakorttikauppa on edelleen auki :)

di Trevin poppoo