We have both larger and smaller tables. Reserve one of them in advance and start feeling care free.


You are always welcome to visit us! However, a table reservation is recommended. This way we make sure that we have room for your whole group when it suits you.

Make your table reservation easily from our online calender.


Especially if you’re planning to visit us on a weekend, we recommend you reserve a table well in advance.

The table is reserved for your group for 2,5 hours. It’s an excellent time to enjoy starters, main course and dessert, raise toasts and have a splended time with your entourage.

If you wish to spend a longer time with us, you have an exceptionally busy schedule or you have any other special wishes, please let us know in advance. We want to ensure successful moments for you.

We also wish to have information about any special diets or needs in advance when making the reservation.

Once you have filled the reservation form we’ll confirm your reservation via email. Reservations over eight people, inquiries and other messages via email to or by calling us at 040 057 0097.

If you wish to reserve a table from the terrace, please ask directly from the personnel on the spot. The terrace tables will be enjoyed by those who happen to be there at the right time.


Are you more than eight people? Fantastic!

In order for everything to be as smooth as possible, we ask you to make your reservation well in advance, and agree on the same menu choice for everyone. We reserve the table for you for 3 hours. It is plenty of time for your group to relax and enjoy.

Email us at or call us at 040 057 0097, so we can reserve enough room for you. We’ll also send you the menu options in advance.

We take your special diets into account according to your wishes made in advance.

We'll be right back!

Ikävä ilmoittaa, mutta suljemme di Trevin ovet toistaiseksi vallitsevan tilanteen vuoksi.

Seuraamme tilannetta aktiivisesti, ja infoamme teitä ihania asiakkaitamme kun olemme viisaampia minkään suhteen.

Mutta toistaiseksi siis suljemme ovemme huhtikuun puoleen väliin saakka.

Edelleen, pitäkää huolta itsestänne ja toisistanne, niin mekin teemme ❤️

Ps. Lahjakorttikauppa on edelleen auki :)

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