Wine & Tapas

Today is a good day to dine out with friends

Drink & Have fun

Sì. Yes. Kyllä.

Di Trevi is a vivid tapas restaurant, where we say yes to everything. Yes to delicious tapas. Yes to sharing dishes, to friends and to vibrant conversations. Yes to charming wines, laughter and enjoying.

At this time we also strongly say yes to ensuring the safety of our customers and our employees:

  • don’t come to the restaurant if you’re sick or symptomatic
  • wash and disinfect your hands often; wash your hands in our bathrooms, disinfect them at our various hand sanitizer stations
  • you are only admitted if there is available seating
  • remember to keep the safety distance between yourself and other customers as well as personnel
  • the seating arrangement is done with safety distances in mind – please don’t move the furniture
  • the personnel frequently cleans and disinfects surfaces and menus, and ensures that there is enough soap and hand sanitizer
  • service stops at 22 and customers have to leave the restaurant by 23


Tiistai 11.8.

Kolmen juuston pestopizza 12,50 €

Sitruunalla maustettua creme fraichea, mozzarellajuustoa, gorgonzolaa, parmesaania, pestoa ja rucolaa

Serranokinkku-omenasalaatti 10,70 € L

Deliverden salaatteja, serranokinkkua, omenaa, mehustettua tomaattia, kurkkua, viinirypäleitä, pikkelöityä sipulia, parmesaania, hunaja-balsamicokastiketta ja focacciaa

Intialainen kanakorma 10,70 € L,G

Kormakastiketta, yrtti-basmatiriisiä, kurkkuraitaa ja korianteria

Tattipasta 10,70 € L

Kermainen tattikastike, paistettua tattia, parmesaania ja rucolaa

Check out the weekly burger and salad as well!


Easy-going good food. That is our way. Share, combine, taste and enjoy.


Sip and be happy. We have a wide selection of spectacular wines.

Let life happen

Take your time

Reserve a table

It’s always a good day to enjoy great company, food and wine. But today is even better. Welcome to di Trevi.

Tilaa uutiskirjeemme ja saat viimeisimmät kuulumisemme sekä tiedot tulevista tapahtumista!